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Focusing on your character, we offer products that offer new options for existing classes, new classes, and a plethora of spells between our three Spell-Works Compendiums to our series of Spell Innovations.

Cool Pathfinder Supplements!

Advancing with Class The Witch Cover

Advancing with Class, The Witch

Five new Patron Themes, over fifty new hexes including major and grand, twenty new feats, and seven new Archetypes solely designed to expand the roles and options of the Witch class. Advance with dignity, advance with power, this Advance with Class supplement focuses on giving the Witch a real edge while maintaining balance with the other classes.

Advancing with Class The Wizard Cover

Advancing with Class, The Wizard

Four new archetypes, one new prestige class, six new arcane school specializations, two new feats, five new spells, and seven new familiars solely designed to expand the roles and options of the Wizard class. Advance with dignity, advance with power, this Advance with Class supplement focuses on giving the Wizard a real edge while maintaining balance with other the other classes.

Spell Innovations, Mirror Image

Spell Innovations, The Mirror Image

Spell Innovations focuses on one spell and offers several variants and enhanced spells built upon the foundation of the original spell. This installment looks at the Mirror Image spell and includes ten variant spells built around this tried and true arcane spell. In addition, a new magical item is introduced,the Mirror Goggles.

Spell-Works Compendium Vol 1

The Spell-Works Compendium Volume I

Always wish your character had taken a different path when it comes to Feats? Well, our new Feat emulation spells allows char-acters to temporarily gain the effects of other Feats usable by most casting classes. Whether your character had archer envy or wished to have the brute ability of the local dragon slayer, now it is possible to at least taste some of those awesome abilities through the incredible wonders brought to you by the Spell-Works Compendium.

Spell-Works Compendium Vol 2

The Spell-Works Compendium Volume II

Why just counter a spell when you can change it to meet your needs? See your rival getting ready to cast a fireball? Just filch it and throw it back at him. In this volume we introduce Reactive Spells, where you can redirect or take control of your opponent’s spell as he casts it. Though not all spells can be commandeered in this manner, many standard spells can be seized and this tome offers over fifty spells that can be used to shock and surprise your spell casting colleagues.

Spell-Works Compendium Vol 3

The Spell-Works Compendium Volume III

In this installment we look at spells that pack more of a punch, spells that linger until it is triggered, and spells that may be delayed while temporarily stored in a small object. Unshackled spells do more damage, have a larger area of effect, and may be harder to resist than normal spells but at a cost of two spell slots. Trigger spells lie dormant until activated by an unknowing trespasser, some may be cast in doorways or portals while others may be cast in an area or on an object. Delayed spells allow the caster to impart the spell effect into a container until it is released.